Why Do Head Lice Bite?

Lice are small creatures that live in the head. They feed on the blood of humans and can cause itching and irritation. They are normally hidden under the hair, but they can also be found behind the ears or along the nape of the neck. Head lice bites are extremely itchy, and if not treated quickly, can lead to an open sore or infected skin. Lice can be very difficult to detect, but symptoms can include an itchy scalp and difficult sleeping.

Head lice can live on your scalp for several days, and the itch they cause can be uncomfortable. Lice can also cause sores that become infected with bacteria from the skin. Lice are more difficult to spot than nits, and they bite the scalp. Lice prefer warm areas with lots of hair.

Adult head lice are about 2 millimeters long and tan, gray, or white. They have six sharp legs that help them attach to the hair. They will live for about 30 days if they stay on the head, and one to two days if they fall off. During this time, head lice will feed on your scalp and the hair surrounding it.

Children are the most common victims of head lice. The infection is easily spread from person to person, especially through head-to-head contact. Children who have the infection are also at risk of spreading it to their families. Once infected, it is crucial to seek medical treatment immediately. Symptoms of a lice infestation include itching, swelling, and crusted blood.

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