Why Bed Bugs Don't Bite Me

Why Bed Bugs Don’t Bite Me

If you’re concerned about bed bugs but don’t have any bites, it may be because you haven’t been infested with them. Bed bugs have been known to ignore some people and bite others. There are many reasons for this, including physical restrictions and other people being more attractive to them. If you’re not allergic to bed bugs, you should avoid sleeping in a bed with these bugs.

One possible reason you haven’t been bitten by bed bugs is that they don’t feed on human blood contaminated with alcohol. Fortunately, mold mites don’t bite humans, but they can infect your bed with harmful mold. Mold mites live on damp surfaces in your home, and they can enter your room through the HVAC system.

If bed bugs are present in your bed, they will bite your bed partner. In fact, if you have more than one bed partner, bed bugs will feed on you if there is enough blood available. Luckily, bed bugs don’t favor any particular blood type, so they won’t bite you unless you’re allergic to the bugs.

Bedbugs can hide in the folds of a mattress or box spring. They also shed papery skins, which look like popcorn kernels. The bites from bedbugs are small and itchy. They can appear red on white skin or purplish-pink on darker skin. Over time, these bites will develop into deep brown spots.