How to Treat a Child For Head Lice

You can treat a child for head lice using a variety of treatments. The first step to treating lice is to clean the child’s hair. A soap cleanser such as Cetaphil is an effective product for killing lice. This product coats the head thoroughly and suffocates the bugs. You must make sure to dry your child’s hair to the scalp to make sure the Cetaphil is stuck to their hair and suffocates the bugs. The product should stay on their head for up to 8 hours before being washed off.

If you suspect your child may have head lice, it is important to contact your child’s school and day care to get a diagnosis. You will also want to check for any family members that might be infected. If you discover that one family member has head lice, you should treat the entire family at once to prevent any further spread of the infection.

Head lice are tiny insects that spend their entire life on the hair and scalp of their human host. However, they can also survive for a short period of time on inanimate objects or surfaces. In order to become infested, you must come into contact with another person’s head or be in close proximity to the person infected.

You should wash clothing that has come into contact with your child’s head and headclothes. After washing, you should cover clothing that was in close contact with the child. It is important to talk with your child about the symptoms and the risks of getting lice. Also, you should discuss the consequences of not sharing personal items with other children and not having physical contact with anyone with lice. Likewise, you should also treat household members who have had contact with your child.

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