When Do Head Lice Itch?

The most effective way to determine if you have head lice is to examine your scalp with a fine-tooth comb and a bright light. You should also check the nape of the neck and behind the ears. If you notice any lice or their eggs, you should seek medical help immediately. The earlier you start treatment, the sooner you can eliminate them.

The main symptom of head lice is an itchy scalp. This itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva released by the lice. Symptoms may not be present right away, but can develop two to six weeks after you have contracted head lice. While head lice is the most common cause of itchy scalp, other skin conditions or allergies can also cause itching.

Children aged three to eleven years old are most susceptible to head lice. These insects spread easily from head to head or via personal items worn on the head. Infections can also spread to members of the family. To determine if you have head lice, you can examine the infected area with a magnifying glass. The appearance of the infestation varies depending on the type of lice you have.

If you have head lice, you should wash all clothing that you or your child has been wearing. You should also dry clean any items that are not washable. This treatment will kill the lice and will eliminate the infection. However, if you are still worried or don’t notice any improvement after using the home remedy, visit a dermatologist.

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