How Quickly Can Head Lice Spread?

To prevent head lice, you must get rid of live lice and eggs on clothing and other personal items. For best results, wash items in hot water and dry them on the highest setting. Then, store them in a plastic bag for 10 days. It’s also important to treat everyone in the household, including pets.

The fastest way to prevent head lice is to avoid physical contact with infected individuals. This includes washing any personal items that come in contact with the infected person’s hair, such as combs or brushes. Rinsing these items with hot water, rubbing alcohol, or Lysol are recommended. You can also thoroughly clean your home by vacuuming and disinfecting floors.

Symptoms of head lice may not be apparent right away, so you should do a complete examination of your child’s head and scalp. Itching in particular areas may be a sign of an infestation. Severe scratching can lead to secondary bacterial infection. A healthy child will have fewer than 10 live lice.

Lice can spread very quickly in the same household. To stop the spread of head lice, make sure your child avoids head-to-head contact at home and school. Also, check everyone in your household, as lice can be transmitted from one family member to another. You may need to treat the entire family to prevent reinfestation.

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