How Often Can You Use Head Lice Treatment?

If you have head lice, it’s best to seek treatment immediately. Using medicated shampoos and conditioners on a daily basis is not enough to rid yourself of the infestation. You should also check other household members and close contacts for lice. If you find any of these people infested, you should try to treat them all at once.

Benzyl alcohol and ivermectin are two common head lice treatments. These shampoos kill live lice and their eggs. They are safe for children aged six months and up and are also safe for pregnant or nursing women. When applying benzyl alcohol shampoos, it is best to shampoo the hair first, then apply the product to it. After the shampoo has been applied, the child should wait 10 minutes before washing it off. Another treatment is ivermectin lotion. It kills most of the lice eggs in the head and does not require a comb-out.

It’s also important to remember to use the proper comb. It is important to keep the comb wet so that it catches the newly hatched lice. You can also purchase medicated lotions, which are made specifically for head lice. They work in all types of hair and are sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, and online. Some medicated lotions come with a comb that you can use to remove dead lice. You can also use silicone gel on the hair to suffocate the lice.

Head lice can live anywhere on the head, but prefer a warm, moist place. Symptoms are usually intense itching. They are not contagious, but they can cause an infection if they scratch the skin. Once the lice eggs have been laid, they will grow into a nymph, which is a greyish-white insect. The nymph goes through three stages before becoming an adult. The adult lice will have a tan body and are easily seen on the scalp.

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