How Doctors Can Help With Head Lice

Head lice can be a terrifying experience for parents. They often panic when their child tells them they have head lice. These insects are spread easily through head-to-head contact and sharing personal items. However, doctors can help you get rid of head lice. They can recommend the best treatments to get rid of the lice.

First of all, you should avoid letting your child go to school with head lice. This is against the rules set by the National Association of School Nurses and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Instead, you should keep your child at school until the end of the day and then go home to get treated. You should also try to keep your child’s hair off their heads until the lice are gone. You can do this by wearing your child’s hair up in buns or braids, or a ponytail.

The best way to get rid of head lice is to treat the nits as early as possible. Head lice can be spread from one person to another in the same house, so you should treat them as soon as you notice them. You should also prevent your child from having head-to-head contact at school and home. You should also check for lice in other members of your household. By following treatment instructions closely, you can get rid of head lice quickly.

One way to diagnose if your child has head lice is to look for the eggs. They are usually on the bottom of the hair close to the scalp. In order to find the eggs, you will need to comb the hair carefully. You should wear disposable gloves and separate the hair in small sections. If you spot any of them, you can apply permethrin, which is also called Nix.

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