Head Lice - What Causes Head Lice to Begin

Head Lice – What Causes Head Lice to Begin

Head lice are parasites that can be spread through head-to-head contact. These parasites are most active during the nighttime when people are most susceptible to infection. They can also spread through shared clothing and hair. Most cases of head lice are contracted from close friends or family members. Luckily, they do not spread from pets.

The life cycle of head lice begins in the form of a nit, which is commonly found on the base of the hair shaft. The nit hatches in five to ten days, after which it develops into a light-coloured nymph that begins feeding immediately. It takes another seven to ten days for the nymph to reach adulthood and live a full life cycle.

Although head lice are usually not dangerous, they are extremely embarrassing for parents and children. In the past, doctors recommended that children with lice be kept away from school and should be treated at home. However, today’s doctors do not recommend a “no-nit” policy, so children should be able to return to school after being treated with a medication. Moreover, children should avoid close head-to-head contact with other children to prevent the spread of the parasite. Parents should make sure that they check their children regularly to see if they have any signs of head lice.

There are several medications available to treat head lice. One of these is a medication that can be applied to the affected area. In some cases, swimming can reduce the effectiveness of some head lice medicines. If you have any doubts, you should consult your health care provider or the health department to determine whether your child has head lice.