Head Lice Treatments

Head lice are very common among school-aged children. It is an annoying problem that disrupts sleep and often causes rashes around the neck and ears due to sensitivity to louse faeces. Parents are frequently troubled by the infestation and mistakenly assume that the cause is poor hygiene. However, head lice treatments have been known to be effective in getting rid of the problem.

Some head lice treatments contain sprays that are applied to the scalp and bedding to kill the insects. Although sprays have a higher chance of killing head lice, they also may expose your children to harmful chemicals. This makes it important to test all household members before applying any pesticide to their hair.

Another important point to remember when choosing a treatment is that head lice are very resilient to certain types of head lice medications. The lice become resistant to these treatments due to repeated exposure. This is why new, less harmful, treatment options are available. These include non-pesticide treatments that have been successfully used in Europe. Some new prescription medicines are also being introduced, but they must be used wisely in order to prevent resistance.

Head lice treatments must be applied according to label directions. Some products contain a high concentration of insecticides, while others contain ingredients like pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are another type of treatment that works by interfering with the nervous system of lice.

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