Head Lice Treatment - Should You Use Out of Date Head Lice Treatment?

Head Lice Treatment – Should You Use Out of Date Head Lice Treatment?

You should only use head lice treatment products that have been approved by the FDA. These treatments are available only through prescription. Be sure to follow the directions of your health care provider, including washing your hair thoroughly after applying the treatment. If you continue to see crawling lice after applying the treatment, contact your health care provider.

Once you are aware that your child has head lice, it’s important to treat them promptly. It’s also important to wash all of their clothing and bedding, and dry them in the dryer on the hot setting. You should also thoroughly clean furniture, carpet, and car seats. If you can’t wash these items, store them in plastic bags for up to two weeks. While you’re treating your child, you should check every member of your household, including your pets, for lice.

While head lice can live up to two days off of a person, if the treatment is effective, the nits are dead. Adult lice cannot hatch unless they’re kept at a certain temperature, so it’s not necessary to fumigate. Fumigation is toxic, and can be harmful if absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

The most effective head lice treatment is one that is FDA approved and contains benzyl alcohol. This 5% solution is non-toxic to lice and is suitable for children and adults from six months to sixty years of age. However, the only drawback of this solution is that it may not work if you apply it incorrectly.