Head Lice and Pubic Lice Are Not the Same

Pubic lice are small insects that live in the pubic area. Sometimes they are also found on eyebrows, beards, and mustaches. These lice are harmless and usually easy to get rid of. They are a common problem in children and are spread through sexual activity. While head lice and pubic lice are not the same, the symptoms and treatments are the same.

Pubic lice are very small insects, measuring only about 1.1 to 1.8 mm long. They attach themselves to hairs around the pubic area and other coarse hair in the body. They are bloodsucking insects that live on the hair. Female lice lay pinhead-sized eggs that stick to hairs where they live. These eggs hatch after about six to ten days.

Pubic lice prefer long, thick, coarse hair and may also infest the underarms, beard, chest, or back passage. Unlike head lice, pubic lice can’t be transmitted from an animal or transferred to a human host. In addition, pubic lice do not live in hair on the head. Head lice, on the other hand, live in the head and can spread to other areas with coarse hair.

To treat pubic lice, the affected area should be treated with a topical lotion that contains permethrin. This treatment should be applied on a clean and dry area. You should leave the cream on for a recommended period of time, such as 12 hours, before removing it. In addition, you should avoid contact with other people until you have been treated.

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