Do Head Lice Give You Spots?

Lice are tiny insects that live on your hair. They look like little seeds and are grayish-white or tan. The life cycle of lice lasts for about three weeks and they feed on blood several times per day. When they aren’t attached to your scalp, they die within five to seven days.

Lice are most common among children, but they can affect adults as well. Since lice are harmless and don’t carry diseases, treatment is usually easy. The first step is to identify the affected area. It is important to examine the scalp thoroughly using a magnifying glass or the naked eye. If you notice any spots, then you may have head lice. If you’ve found the lice, treat them right away.

The bites of lice are usually hidden beneath the hair, but they can also occur behind the ears or along the nape of the neck. In some cases, lice will bite your skin, which will cause you to scratch heavily. While it’s difficult to identify live lice, nits are easily visible. Head lice prefer warm places with lots of hair, such as your head.

While head lice are not dangerous and can live for six hours under water, you need to wash your hair frequently and make sure to clean the area thoroughly. It’s best to wash clothes and towels regularly to kill any lice and nits. Also, keep your personal belongings in a separate area, and avoid sharing personal items with others.

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