Can You Use Mayo For Head Lice?

Some health professionals and lay people have been advocating mayonnaise as a lice treatment for years. This homemade remedy has been used successfully by many parents and is often preferred to standard lice treatments. Many parents use this method because they don’t want to put toxic pesticides on their child’s head. Mayonnaise is also a great choice because it makes hair shiny and soft.

To use mayonnaise for head lice, you’ll need to make sure you apply it to the affected hair thoroughly. You can also use a regular comb to make sure all the hair is saturated. However, to remove lice eggs completely, you should also use a nit comb, which will require sectioning the hair into sections.

While mayonnaise works by suffocating the head lice, it’s not recommended for very young children to use it overnight. The product can go rancid after a few hours and is not healthy to ingest. You should also wear a shower cap and avoid using a plastic bag. During this process, you should apply the mayonnaise to the scalp and all hair roots. Then, wait at least 8 hours before washing again.

The use of mayonnaise for head lice is a popular home remedy. While it may sound a little strange, many people swear by it. However, there is no solid scientific evidence supporting the use of mayonnaise as a head lice treatment. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests it can be effective.

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