Can You Always See Head Lice?

You can’t always see live head lice, but you can usually see nits attached to hair shafts. Nits can be difficult to see, and can look like dirt, dandruff, or hair spray droplets. If they are more than 1/4 inch from the scalp, that’s a sign of a long-standing infestation.

Lice will not go away on their own, so you have to treat them as soon as possible. To start, you should call your health care provider and let them know your suspicion. You also should notify your child’s daycare or school. Afterward, you should check the other members of your family. It is best to treat the entire household at the same time, so that your child won’t be at risk of catching them from someone else.

While head lice are uncomfortable to have around, they are not harmful. Head lice are easily passed from one person to another, and are often spread through close contact with other people, such as in daycares and schools. In addition to children, parents are also vulnerable to the disease. If you suspect your child is suffering from head lice, be sure to visit your child’s doctor.

The best way to treat head lice is by treating the head with an insecticide. The lice can live in water up to six hours, so it’s important to be careful when bathing your child. You may find dead lice eggs left in the hair even after treatment.

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