Can Vinegar Kill Head Lice?

While head lice will not go away on their own, they can be treated at home. The first step is to contact your physician and let them know about the infestation. It’s also a good idea to notify your child’s school or daycare so they can take appropriate action. One common remedy is vinegar, which is diluted in water to kill lice. But it is important to note that vinegar doesn’t kill nits. For this reason, you should also try using coconut oil.

Vinegar is an old remedy for head lice, but it’s not effective at killing adult lice or their eggs. It is not strong enough to dissolve the protective exoskeleton of lice eggs, and it may sting if you accidentally get it on your scalp. After applying the vinegar, you should wash your hair with conditioner or detangler to remove the eggs. If you’re still concerned about lice, you can also use a nit-comb to get rid of the eggs.

Vinegar has been promoted as a natural remedy for head lice. Although it does not kill adult lice, it does kill their nits and loosens them from hair. You can use this treatment daily for a month until you see no more nits. However, if the infestation is severe, it may take more than a month to completely remove them.

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