Can Head Lice Make You Sick?

If your child is sick with head lice, you should get them checked out by your health care provider. He or she can confirm that lice are present and prescribe a treatment if necessary. You can also try home remedies or nonprescription medications to get rid of lice. Keep in mind, however, that head lice do not carry any diseases and most children do not get them in the first place.

Various topical insecticides can help get rid of head lice. These include topical lotions, shampoos, and creams. It is important to carefully read the label of any topical insecticide you use to ensure it is safe for your child’s skin and hair. Ideally, your child should receive two treatments. Alternatively, you can use Permethrin cream, which is available without a prescription.

A serious infestation of head lice can be very uncomfortable and can affect your child’s sleep, as well as causing a foul smell. Frequent scratching can also lead to breaks in the skin and infection. In severe cases, chronic infestations may lead to anemia and blood loss. An allergic reaction to the feces of the lice can also lead to a rash. Although head lice generally do not cause illness, they are not a pleasant thing to deal with. If you or your child develops any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention.

The most common symptom of head lice infestation is itching. The itching is the most common symptom and is caused by an allergic reaction to the louse’s saliva. Some people are very sensitive to itching while others build up a tolerance over time. In some cases, people may have no symptoms of an infestation for two to six weeks.

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