Can Head Lice Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is not the only symptom of head lice. If left untreated, lice can damage your scalp, which can result in thinning hair. Your scalp will also be unconditioned and your hair will be difficult to brush. If you suffer from head lice, you should immediately seek treatment. Luckily, there are some treatments you can use that won’t result in hair loss.

One of the most common treatments for head lice is comb removal. While this method is not 100% effective, it can remove fifty to one hundred hairs a day. You can also use a comb to remove eggs. A metal comb with fine teeth is best. You can also run the teeth of the comb through beeswax to help remove the eggs.

Children are most at risk for head lice. The most common areas to contract lice include daycare and school settings, where children play close together. It is very important to avoid head-to-head contact as it can lead to infections and breakage of the skin. Using a magnifying glass is also a good idea.

Another way to get rid of lice is by visiting a lice clinic. The lice clinic will offer safe treatments that won’t cause any negative side effects. It’s also much faster than self-treating and comes with a guarantee.

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