Can Dandruff Prevent Head Lice?

Dandruff is a common condition among children and adults, especially those in their teenage years. It can also affect older adults. Babies can also experience flaky scalp, or cradle cap. Medicated shampoos can be purchased over-the-counter at drugstores, or online. These shampoos contain ingredients that kill lice and nits. These products should be used twice a week.

Head lice are spread through contact with an infected person’s hair and bedding. It is also possible to contract head lice through sharing hair brushes or hats. Head-to-head contact is the most common way to acquire head lice, and the risk is greater for those with higher risk jobs, such as babysitters, teachers, and daycare workers. Dry, flaky hair can also be a symptom of another condition called seborrheic dermatitis.

The best way to prevent lice from entering your home is to keep your home clean and dry. If you can’t avoid head-to-head contact, then you should try not to share personal items like hats, stuffed animals, or headphones. Also, keep your child’s bedding and clothing separate.

Lice are tiny parasites that live on the scalp. They’re about the size of sesame seeds and are grayish or tan in color. They feed on human blood to survive, and their eggs are laid in your hair.

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