Can a Relaxer Kill Head Lice?

Can a relaxer kill head lice? A relaxer is a cream or lotion that is used to chemically “relax” the hair. These chemicals are usually based on sodium hydroxide, which is mixed with water, petroleum jelly, or mineral oil, along with emulsifiers. The result is a product that is not only effective at killing head lice, but also very gentle on the body. This means that you can use relaxers on yourself without a doctor’s prescription.

However, these products are not a good option for a weekly treatment. This is because they can burn the scalp and are harmful to children. Another alternative is using a medication to kill the lice and their nits. This method works by killing the lice and their eggs before they can lay their eggs. It is also possible to use kerosene and camphor to kill the nits, but this is a dangerous solution and should only be used after consulting a doctor.

Lice are small parasitic insects that live in the hair of human beings. The female louse lays eggs called nits on the scalp. These nits are small, similar to pinheads, and attach themselves to hair with glue-like adhesive. After a week or so, the nits hatch. In about ten days, new lice become mature and can lay more nits. This cycle lasts about a month. Lice live in the hair until the host forces them to remove them.

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