Do Flies Come Up Drains?

If you have a kitchen, you might be wondering, “Do flies come up drains?”. The good news is that they’re easy to get rid of. There are some basic products that you can buy in the store that will help you stop the flies from coming up your drain. You can also put a plug in the drain when you’re not using it.

Drain flies are small, slender flies that lay their eggs in the drain and overflow pipes. They feed on sewage and fermented foods that are trapped in drains. They are also found in bathrooms and showers. They live in shady areas and are attracted to moist places.

Drain flies are common in home drains, but they can also be found in storm drains and compost piles. These types of pipes have stagnant water that’s perfect for breeding these tiny flies. You can usually recognize them by the buzzing sounds they make while they’re in your drain or pipe.

Drain flies have short lives and can reproduce rapidly. A single fly can lay up to 300 eggs in a day. These eggs hatch into larvae and feed on the sludge in drains.

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