Where Do Dogs Get Fleas?

Where Do Dogs Get Fleas?

A dog can catch fleas from a variety of sources, including other animals and household pets. Humans can also introduce fleas to their pets via their clothing and shoes. Fleas can cause severe itching and may lead to hair loss. Some dogs may also develop skin infections and inflammation.

While the backyard is the most obvious place where dogs can pick up fleas, other potential sources include a boarding kennel, groomer, or doggie daycare. Fleas will live on animals and can be picked up on your dog while on a walk. They can also live in bedding and dog beds.

Although Las Vegas’s climate is relatively mild, it is still a prime breeding ground for fleas. Fall and spring weather are ideal for flea development. The humidity from rain keep the environment damp, which allows the fleas to thrive. In this climate, they can live in virtually any place and breed easily.

Fleas can cause red, itchy skin on your dog. You can check for fleas by examining your dog’s skin and coat for signs of fleas. If you notice any red specks or red stains on the skin, your dog may have fleas. Fleas will also cause your dog to scratch more and lick his ears. In addition to itchy skin, fleas can also cause a dog to lose its hair and develop hot spots and sores.

Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs in just a few days after they find a host. These eggs remain wrapped in the host’s fur and hatch after a few days. Flea eggs are also spread to carpets, plush toys, and furniture. After feeding, female fleas lay eggs in these locations.