How Long Do Fleas Live Without Blood?

Fleas have a hardy nature and can survive without the blood of their host for long periods. It all depends on their environment. Often, newly emerged adult fleas survive longer than those that have been removed from the host. But if the fleas are removed from the host, they will eventually die because they have no food to sustain themselves.

Fleas can survive without a blood meal for a few days to two weeks. However, once they are removed from their host, they will die within four days. This depends on their size, environment, and degree of blood dependency. Young adult fleas do not develop this dependency and can survive without blood for up to two weeks if their environment is not hostile.

Adult fleas can live for over a year, depending on the food supply, temperature, and humidity. Female fleas lay approximately 40-50 eggs a day after feeding on a host. The eggs usually hatch after two days, although some have been known to hatch ten days later. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on blood and the feces of the host. Once the flea has fully matured, it is ready to mate.

Adult female fleas lay their eggs in the animal’s fur. On average, they lay up to 500 eggs in a single lifetime. When the host is absent, their eggs will fall off. They will subsequently land on a different host. The eggs will hatch within two to two weeks if the conditions are right.

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