How Fleas Get in Human Hair

How Fleas Get in Human Hair

When fleas bite humans, they tend to get bitten around the ankles, arms, and legs. While fleas can jump a long distance, they cannot jump in the hair of an adult human. Most fleas are only 6 inches tall, so they are unable to jump into human hair from the ground.

Fleas live and breed for most of their lives on the blood of a host. They lay up to 20 eggs a day, and sometimes several at once. The eggs are sticky at first, but they lose their stickiness and fall out when you brush or comb your hair.

Human hair is usually infested by only one species, Pulex irritans. These fleas will feed on your blood, but they will not survive long in your hair. Fleas are also carried in the hair of pets and people who live near them.

To get rid of fleas from human hair, use a shampoo containing tea tree oil. This can help kill flea larvae and adult fleas. This shampoo is best used in combination with other treatment options. You can also use lemon scented dish soap or baking soda paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing it out.

If you’re still concerned about fleas getting into your hair, there are many home remedies you can try. First, try washing your hair with dishwashing liquid and applying a baking soda paste. Leave this mixture on your hair for ten to fifteen minutes, and then wash it out with lukewarm water.