How Do Fleas Look Like?

When you think about fleas, you might think about the small red flecks that scurry across your lower legs and feet. While this is true, fleas are more than just an unsightly addition to the home. They also carry disease-causing parasites. Flea bites can also lead to inflammation and bleeding of the skin.

Fleas are very small – just a few millimeters long – and easily missed unless you know how to look for them. They are usually brown, reddish or black in color. They have six legs adapted to jump and can jump as high as 30cm. Fleas are a nuisance for pet owners, and they can cause major problems for your home. A single flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a single day.

While you can’t always see fleas, they’re often visible by examining the bites on your pets. The adult flea looks like a dark speck that crawls on your carpet or pet. They can also jump up to your floor or furniture. Despite their small size, these parasites can be harmful and can even cause serious illnesses. Fleas were the primary cause of the Black Death, a plague that killed a quarter of the human population.

If your home is plagued by fleas, you can use a magnifying glass to help identify them. If you find one on your dog or cat, you’ll have a better chance of removing it. Just make sure you cover the environment, and don’t leave the flea eggs or larvae unattended.

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