Why Do Cockroaches Come in Large Numbers?

Cockroaches are insects with large bodies and six legs. They usually scurry away from light. When they are unaware of humans, they may remain concealed in dark places. However, you can also see them during the day. Fortunately, these pests rarely come in large numbers.

Cockroaches prefer a cool and dark environment. Although they are small and are easy to kill by larger animals, their dark habitat offers a distinct advantage. In a brightly lit room, they may assume they’re being stalked by a predator, which would be a disadvantage.

Cockroaches have a variety of feeding habits. They are active during the day and inactive during the night. However, they tend to avoid humans during the day when they feed. This makes them less likely to have their food sources removed. Also, cockroaches feel safer coming out at night, when there are less predators around. They also don’t have as many things to distract them on their way to food or interfere with their ability to breed.

Cockroaches can be very difficult to identify. Many cockroach species are active only at night, when humans are not at home. During the day, they are active in hiding, and so they will only appear at night when light is off. If you see a roach during the day, you may have a serious infestation.