Is Cockroach Poop Hard to Recognize?

A cockroach’s poop is dark brown and sticky. It contains particles of uric acid, blood pigment, fragments of bone, chitin, and nitrogenous wastes. This poop can be difficult to identify on your own. If you think you have a cockroach infestation, it is important to take the proper steps to remove it.

Cockroach droppings can be difficult to discern because they resemble the droppings of mice. Mice are larger and produce larger droppings, and they also have tiny strands of fur sticking out. On the other hand, cockroach droppings will not have ridges. In addition, cockroach droppings will remain soft and wet even after they have dried.

The poop of a cockroach is best described as oval in shape. It is similar to rice grains, but is neither too hard nor too soft. When a roach defecates, they poop randomly and near places where they feed and nest. Locating the nest and cutting off the feeding area can help you eliminate the infestation and protect your home.

Cockroach poop is often a remnant of an earlier infestation. Exterminators often kill the bugs, but they don’t always remove all the feces. Check the floor and corners of your home for a brown smear that you can identify as cockroach poop.