How to Find a Cockroach Nest

Firstly, you should know that cockroaches do not build nests like birds do. In order to reproduce, they live in one location and release pheromones to attract other members of their species. Moreover, they reproduce within a short period of time. A single female cockroach can produce up to 750 young in her lifetime.

The best way to locate a cockroach nest is to check the dark corners of your home, especially your closets, cupboards, and shelves. Cockroaches usually like dark places, damp environments, and food sources. They can easily be lured out of hiding spots by using a flashlight or a handheld mirror.

If you don’t find a nest, check for cockroach droppings and empty eggshells. If you find any, you are likely to find a cockroach colony nearby. Cockroaches are attracted to the scent of food and moisture, and they will gather in areas that are damp and humid.

Cockroaches will leave behind visible signs of their nest, including dead roaches and their feces (black spots that look like pepper). They will also leave behind oval egg casings, and skins when they molt. Once you’ve determined that you have a cockroach nest, you can begin the process of removing the cockroaches.

If you can’t find the nest, don’t worry, you can still get rid of cockroaches using over-the-counter roach baits. These are available in granule, dust, and paste forms. They are convenient and easy to apply. Whether you choose a gel, dust, or a paste, make sure you follow the directions carefully. Using a gel is preferred by pet owners and parents. But you should always read the label and instructions before applying any type of cockroach bait.