How Many Eggs Can a Cockroach Lay?

The number of eggs laid by a cockroach depends on the species of cockroaches. Typically, one ootheca contains around 14 to 16 eggs. The egg case of a German cockroach can contain up to 48 eggs. A case of Oriental cockroaches typically contains eight to fifteen eggs.

Othecae vary in size and color. For example, the ootheca of the brown-banded cockroach is a light reddish brown, measuring about 5 mm long. Females produce up to 20 cases in their lifetime. During incubation, the eggs develop into adulthood within three to six months.

A female cockroach will usually leave oothecae near food sources. However, a cockroach egg case can be on a surface without a female present. It might take a while to find the casing, especially if it’s brown or coarse.

German cockroach nymphs are similar to adults, except that their back is striped tan. They emerge from the mother’s body when they are close to hatching. If the eggs don’t develop properly, they will stagnate until the mother roach dies. Cockroaches are among the most prolific household pests. They reproduce quickly and are capable of laying hundreds or even thousands of eggs in a year.

The German cockroach produces more eggs than any other cockroach. Females of this species carry an egg capsule for up to 50 days before dropping it. In that time, the roaches will develop from babies to fully grown adults. In this time frame, they can multiply into a large infestation within just a few months.