How Long Does It Take For Cockroach Eggs to Hatch?

Cockroaches can lay their eggs in a variety of locations, including your home. In most cases, female cockroaches will place their eggs near sources of food or water. Female cockroaches will then leave their nymphs to fend for themselves once they hatch. The eggs may be camouflaged or even attached to a surface, making them difficult to detect.

Roaches lay multiple eggs in a single casing called the ootheca. These eggs are made of a protein substance produced by the female cockroach and harden after several hours of development. This hard casing protects the roach eggs from predators and the elements.

The time it takes for cockroach eggs to hatch depends on their species. Some roach eggs hatch quickly while others take months to mature. The eggs of the brown-banded roach, for example, can develop into nymphs within 56 days, while those of the Oriental roach can take from three weeks to over three months.

In general, American roaches lay eggs that take eight weeks to hatch. They lay up to 12 oothecae in their lifetime. The egg cases are brown when the female lays them. After a day, they turn black and stick to surfaces. In ideal conditions, baby roaches can live for three to four years.