How Long Do Cockroach Eggs Take to Hatch?

Once laid, cockroach eggs take approximately 40 days to hatch. They then go through at least six instars before becoming fully grown adults. This timeframe can vary depending on the species and temperature of their surrounding environment. Fortunately, if you have a cockroach infestation, you can take a few measures to help the eggs hatch as soon as possible.

American cockroaches lay multiple egg cases called “oothecae.” Each ootheca contains between 15 and 30 embryos. During the egg-laying process, the female will carry the egg case in her abdomen for a few hours or days before depositing it in a safe location. After the egg case has hatched, the immature roaches will emerge approximately 24 to 38 days later.

While cockroach eggs do not stay in a single place for very long, they will often be found near a food source. Female cockroaches will usually deposit their oothecae near a food source. Once they hatch, they will leave the nymphs to fend for themselves. The egg cases themselves are often camouflaged or glued to a surface.

American cockroach eggs take approximately eight weeks to hatch, while German roach eggs take about eight weeks to hatch. During their lifetime, female American cockroaches will lay up to 12 oothecae. These babies can live up to three years under ideal conditions.