A man killing cockroaches in a house

How Long Can a Cockroach Live Without Air?

You might have ever wondered how long a cockroach can live without air. Fortunately, they can survive in temperatures below freezing for 45 minutes or longer. While their life expectancy is short, it can be significantly reduced with cockroach control measures. During the first few weeks, they’ll be vulnerable to traps, bait, and other cockroach-killing methods.

Cockroaches don’t have mouths or heads, and they breathe through tiny holes called spiracles that are located on every segment of their body. These spiracles are not controlled by the brain and pipe air directly to their bodily tissues through tubes called tracheae. Because cockroaches can live without food and water for up to a month, starvation is not a viable solution.

Although cockroaches don’t need a head to breathe, they do need one for drinking water and food. Their open blood circulation system allows them to live without a head for up to a week without a head. However, without a mouth, a cockroach will eventually succumb to dehydration and die. Some species can also live for up to a month without food.

Although cockroaches are small, they can grow into infestations very quickly. Their ability to survive without food or water is a testament to how resilient they are. Cockroaches will eat garbage, spoiled food, candy, and plastic. They are even capable of running three miles per hour!