How Do Cockroaches Get Inside Your House?

Cockroaches can get inside your house through a number of different entry points. They can sneak in under your doors, through gaps around windows, or even through pipes and drains. Since they are excellent climbers, they can easily maneuver through these places to get to your home.

Cockroaches can also come inside your home through the walls and floors. They can squeeze through tiny holes, sometimes as small as a 1/16″ gap. When they get inside your house, they will leave chemical pheromones that alert other cockroaches to the entry point.

When cockroaches are inside your house, they will find a food source that attracts them. Food scraps, organic garbage, and crumbs on the floor can all serve as ideal food sources. Keeping these areas clean will keep them from finding food sources. By doing this, you can avoid the problem of cockroaches in your home.

Aside from food sources, roaches will find shelter in your home by finding places that are moist and humid. This includes kitchens and bathrooms. Open food storage containers and pet food can also provide a breeding ground for cockroaches. Cockroaches also like the space between the refrigerator and the stand because it provides minimal disturbance and enough room to grow.

Another way cockroaches can get inside is by traveling. Wooden firewood can easily attract wood cockroaches, which are prone to moving into buildings. They also prefer damp, dark areas and gaps under windows and doors.