Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs?

If you’re wondering, “Do cockroaches lay eggs?” you’re not alone. In fact, many roach species do lay eggs. However, they don’t lay eggs in a cell, but rather in a brown capsule. This capsule, scientifically referred to as an ootheca, is where the eggs are laid. A female cockroach lays anywhere from 10 to 50 eggs in a capsule, and the eggs will remain in this capsule until hatching. Once the eggs hatch, the insects are soft-bodied and brown and are mobile.

The number of eggs a cockroach lays in its ootheca varies with species. Some species will carry the ootheca until the eggs hatch, while others will lay them earlier in the season or in a sheltered hiding place. A German cockroach, for example, can produce 20 or 40 eggs, each of which will hatch after about 24 hours. However, the Oriental cockroach only produces eight oothecae during its lifetime, and its eggs average about fifteen.

Cockroaches lay eggs in a variety of places, from kitchens and bathrooms to attics. Their oothecae are made from a protein substance that hardens into a shell, protecting the eggs from predators and the elements.