Do Cockroaches Have Eyes?

The simple question is, “Do cockroaches have eyes?” Cockroaches can see in near-darkness thanks to the thousands of light-sensing cells in their compound eyes. They pool these signals over time to form long-exposure images of their environment. It’s similar to how cameras pool light signals over time on film or sensors to create beautifully exposed images.

Cockroaches have two large compound eyes and three simple eyes located on their forehead. Their lenses are covered in a transparent cuticle and divided into hexagonal compartments, called corneal facets. Each of these hexagonal compartments is called an ommatidia, and each eye has about 2000 of these tiny eyes.

Cockroaches can see certain colors, and they are sensitive to different types of light. Cockroaches are nocturnal, meaning they do not breed during the day. Their natural cycle is dictated by their circadian rhythms, which last for 24 hours. Because of this, they remain inactive during the day and come out of hiding places at night.

Cockroaches also have a pair of antennae, which are located on the side of their head. They can also sense air movement around their cerci, which allows them to move out of the way of humans. The reproductive systems of cockroaches are located in their abdomen.