Can You Squish a Cockroach?

You might be tempted to step on a cockroach when you see it, but is it really effective? While it may seem like a good idea, many people shy away from doing so due to urban myths. These myths include that squashing a cockroach will cause it to lay eggs and release pheromones. However, this is not true.

While squishing a cockroach is a common solution, if you want to ensure complete eradication, you should first remove the roach’s exoskeleton. This is necessary because cockroaches have brains that detect danger and run away. In addition, stepping on a cockroach may irritate your feet due to the mucus released from its body.

The good news is that, unlike most other insects, cockroaches do not regenerate from being crushed, flattened, or pounded. If you do manage to crush a roach, you’ll most likely be rewarded by a popping sound. This sound will be made when the insect breaks its exoskeleton. Afterward, you’ll see a clear smear of blood.

In addition to killing the roach, squishing a cockroach does not kill the eggs. Despite this, the dead cockroach will release oleic acid that attracts other cockroaches. Cockroaches also don’t feel pain, but they do detect damage. However, if you do squish a cockroach, you’re likely to kill the eggs inside its body.