Can a Cockroach Kill You?

Cockroaches are disgusting creatures that can cause panic in homeowners. They are not easy to remove from your home and can even cause diseases. Cockroaches can infect your food and your body by carrying microbes in their defecation. While many of these microbes are harmless, others can cause diseases. These insects are known to spread salmonella and the polio virus.

The best way to kill a cockroach is to crush it. This is a tricky task, as a cockroach’s exoskeleton is very hard. It is easy to crush a cockroach without knowing it is there, but you need to apply sufficient force to crack its shell. Once you’ve crushed the outer shell, you will hear its blood flowing from its body.

Cockroaches have strong exoskeletons that allow them to flatten themselves to fit into crevices and tight spaces. Because they don’t need heads or mouths to breathe, they can survive for up to a month without food. They can even survive in water for 30 minutes if they get wet. They can also survive radiation fifteen times higher than the lethal dose for humans.

Cockroaches can enter your body through various orifices. Some of them have even managed to enter the nose and ear during sleep. Even though they aren’t known to directly kill people, they can transmit a variety of diseases. These bugs don’t necessarily need to bite you to spread an infection, but the bacteria they carry on their bodies and in their saliva can cause severe illnesses in humans.