Will Steam Kill Bed Bugs?

A common question is “will steam kill bed bugs?” The answer is a resounding “yes!” Steam cleaning can kill bed bugs – even the eggs and nymphs – and it’s an effective method for removing infestations of this type. Before trying this method, be sure to read our guide to avoiding potential damage to your bedding or furnishings.

The steam generated by a steamer kills bed bugs when the bugs are exposed to heat. However, steam must be applied according to manufacturer’s instructions, or it may cause burns. If you’re concerned about the potential for burns, you should consult an expert on the subject. Also, use a high-quality steamer to eliminate bed bugs.

A steamer with a triangular nozzle works best to kill bed bugs, as it heats up quickly and covers a large surface area. You should also use a microfiber cloth to direct the steam to a specific spot. Start the steamer and make sure it’s on a long hose, ideally five to 10 feet. This will help steam larger areas without interruptions.

The steamer should also have a temperature regulator, and a steamer that delivers a high temperature is necessary to kill bed bugs. The surface temperature of the bedbug steamer should be 160-180degF. You should also use an infrared thermometer to make sure the surface temperature is high enough.

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