Will Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

One way to get rid of bed bugs is to mix up a solution of bleach and water and then spray it around the affected area. This mixture can be applied on furniture and foldable materials, and should be left in place for two weeks. However, be sure to dilute the bleach before using it to avoid skin irritation. You can also use the mixture to wash other things around the house, such as clothes, but make sure to separate these items first.

Before using the solution, you need to be aware that it may harm pets, especially if they are able to breath in the bleach fumes. For this reason, it is best to clean in a well-ventilated area such as an outside patio or yard. If the room has a strong smell of bleach, you should leave the house for 48 hours after using the solution to make sure that the smell does not affect anyone in the home.

Bleach is a common household chemical that is effective at killing bed bugs. Its acidic nature means that it kills the insects by oxidizing their bodies and outer shells. It also kills the bedbug eggs. This way, you can get rid of bedbugs and their eggs for good!

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