How Much Do Exterminators Cost For Bed Bugs?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of a bed bug extermination, from the severity of infestation to the size of the room. Some exterminators charge per room or apartment, while others charge per square foot. Depending on your location and budget, extermination costs can range anywhere from $250 to $900.

The type of treatment used will also affect the cost. Chemical-free treatments like steam or freezing will be more effective and safer for your family, but they also cost more. Steam treatment costs from $300 to $400 per room, and freezing treatment will cost up to $6,000 per room. The more extensive the infestation, the more the price will increase.

If you suspect your home has bed bugs, the first step is to contact an exterminator. While some infestations can be treated with one treatment, others will require several treatments, such as two to four in a row. If you have multiple infestations, it may be best to schedule monthly or semi-monthly visits.

Most exterminators charge between $70-$80 per hour. However, this depends on the type of treatment and the level of infestation. Infestations often start out as a single room, but can spread throughout the entire house. A single bed bug can lay up to 250 eggs, which hatch after about 10 days.

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