Why Do Bed Bugs Bite in the Same Place?

If you’re plagued by bed bugs, you may be wondering why they continue to bite in the same place. Bed bugs are not particular about cleanliness and are known to hide in many places, including beds, headboards, piping, and seams. They also like to hide in crevices, such as cracks in bed frames and furniture. They can also hide in folds in curtains and under loose wall paper. Their bodies are only about one-half inch wide and can be easily hidden in these places.

They feed by sucking on the blood of human hosts. They can also feed on other animals and birds, but they prefer humans. Bedbugs feed for three to twelve minutes, and they usually feed in rows. The duration of feeding varies from person to person. If they feel uncomfortable, they’ll stop feeding and leave the area they’re feeding in.

A bedbug bite may cause an allergic reaction, and the bites can look like tiny, itchy pustules. While the bites themselves aren’t harmful, you should consult a doctor if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. Some people experience a mild allergic reaction to bedbug bites, while others experience a severe rash. A severe allergic reaction may result in a secondary infection. A secondary infection can even lead to permanent scarring.

It is best to check your bed regularly and take measures to eliminate them. A bedbug infestation is not easy to identify, and you may even feel them when you wake up. While bedbug bites are often not painful, they are red and itch and may appear similar to a poison ivy rash or chicken pox pustule. The bites typically clear up in a few days, but if you notice more than one itchiness in one area, you may have an infestation.

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