Where Does Bed Bugs Hide?

There are a number of places where bed bugs can hide, including cracks in bed frames and headboards, seams and folds of fabric, and under loose wall paper. These locations are ideal for these bugs to hide out, since they can fit into small spaces. Despite their small size, these bugs can be difficult to spot.

Another common hiding place for bed bugs is clothing. In fact, they often live in laundry baskets, which most people keep in their bedrooms. Moreover, they can also live in regular clothes. It’s also possible to find bed bugs in clothes left in cupboards. So, wherever you store your clothing, make sure that you’re checking the areas where you might have stored it.

Besides bed frames, bedbugs can also hide in mattresses and box springs. Those hidden spaces are ideal for bed bugs to lay their eggs. Their eggs are white and sticky, making them difficult to remove from the bed. In addition to these areas, bedbugs can also lay eggs in the underside of pillows.

If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your home, you can contact a professional exterminator who will be able to detect their presence. These exterminators have the ability to use a black light or ultraviolet flashlight to better see them. You can also collect their eggs and larvae, which are easier to spot with a black light or ultraviolet flashlight. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to collect specimens. Other tools you can use include a credit card or a putty knife to inspect tight spaces. Lastly, you can use compressed air to kill the bugs.

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