When Can You See Bed Bugs?

Symptoms of a bed bug infestation include bites on the skin. The bedbugs feed at the sites of the bites for a few minutes. They are difficult to spot during this stage. Unlike mosquitoes, which bite wherever they can reach, bedbugs will only bite in the same place for a few minutes.

It is best to check your bed with a flashlight if you suspect there are bed bugs. Bed bugs hide in cracks and behind loose wallpaper. They can also live in electrical outlets and on the walls of nightstands. Small black droppings from bedbugs can also be seen. Once you have discovered these bugs, it is time to take steps to control the infestation.

Bed bugs poop just after feeding. You can see their droppings easily if you lift the sheets at night and turn on a flashlight. Seeing these bugs can be uncomfortable and unsettling. If you see them on the mattress or bedding, you should call a professional bed bug inspector.

Bed bugs are active mostly at night. They are more likely to feed on an unsuspecting host while they are still, asleep.

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