What is the Actual Size of Bed Bugs?

The size of bed bugs can vary dramatically. Throughout their life cycle, they change size from eggs to adults. Adult bedbugs are about the size of a seed, and the size of an egg can range from 0.1 inch to one-fourth of an inch. The size of the bed bug can vary significantly, so it’s important to know what to expect.

Bedbug eggs are small and can be invisible to the naked eye. They’re about one-eighth of an inch long, and are white or reddish-brown. They’re usually clustered together. Once they’re hatched, the adults can be reddish or rusty in color. The color of the body of a bed bug is affected by their current diet, which is human blood. After eating, their size and shape will change as well.

Adult bed bugs are roughly 3/16 of an inch long, and have flat oval bodies. Their coloration is similar to that of an apple seed, making them easily confused with other household insects. However, immature bed bugs are much smaller and lighter in color, and are difficult to notice before a blood meal.

After feeding, bed bugs change color and shape. Their bodies become longer. The bed bugs’ life cycle is complicated, but it is estimated that they live between five and ten months. Some experts believe they can even live for a year.

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