How to Determine If Your Home is Infested With Bed Bugs

When trying to determine if your home is infested with bed bugs, you should begin by inspecting your bed and mattress thoroughly. Be sure to check all of the seams, tufts, and zippers. You should also inspect the headboard and baseboard for signs of bed bugs.

If you have bought used furniture or bedding, be sure to thoroughly inspect it before you put it in your home. In addition, seal up your personal effects in a plastic bag. If you suspect that there are bedbugs in your home, you may want to seek professional help. Pest control companies specialize in detecting and removing bed bugs.

After you have determined whether or not your home is infested, the next step is to get rid of all of the bedding and pillows. If you have a wood-framed bed, make sure you remove the dust cover. Also check the seams in the wood frame and peel back the fabric around the frame. Similarly, check all upholstered furniture, especially sofas and chairs. You can also check books, electrical outlets, and the edge of carpets. If you still suspect bedbugs in your home, call a professional exterminator for a thorough inspection. They know exactly where to look for these pests and will be able to provide you with the necessary solutions to eliminate them completely.

Using a mattress encasement will also help. These are special covers that can repel bedbugs. The encasement must cover the entire mattress, boxspring, and headboard, as well as the zipper protector. These covers can be purchased online.

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