How Small Bed Bugs Look

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can be difficult to detect, and can go weeks or months without being noticed. Fortunately, they have a relatively flat body that makes hiding between feedings a breeze. The adult bug is about the size of an apple seed, and its flat, oval body has six legs that are about half as long as its body.

During their life cycle, bed bugs can grow a lot in size. They can be up to 0.1 inches thick, which is about the thickness of a quarter. When fully grown, a bed bug can grow as large as a sesame seed, and it can increase its size by as much as two to three times. If you find these creatures in your home, do not panic. Instead, learn how to spot them to help prevent infestations.

Adult bedbugs are light to reddish brown and flat. Their wings are not developed and they feed on blood from human hosts. As they grow, their skin sheds, making them darker. While some people think bedbugs are black in color, this is simply a misconception. Regardless of how small they appear, they will feed from humans six to seven times a day.

Bed bugs emit a scent called pheromones. These odors can be reminiscent of raspberries, cilantro, and almonds. These smells may give you the dreaded bug itch. If you are unable to locate them yourself, consider hiring a professional to inspect your home and remove them.

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