How Much Does Bed Bug Service Cost?

The cost of a bed bug service is highly variable and depends on the location of the infestation. If you live in an urban area, for example, the cost may be higher than if you live in a rural area. Some larger pest control companies have dedicated websites where you can request a free estimate.

The rate for a single-room treatment with a pest control company like Rentokil can range from $550 to $1,200. Rentokil uses a multi-step process that uses environmentally friendly fumes and sprays to target areas of high activity. They may combine chemical treatments with heat to eliminate bed bugs in the home. Some companies offer a guarantee on their work and offer additional inspections for free.

The cost of a bed bug service will vary based on the area of the home that is affected by the infestation and the method used to combat the infestation. A typical treatment will cost between $300 and $475 per room. However, if the infestation is extensive, you may need to hire a more expensive pest control company that will treat the whole house. A full home treatment can cost upwards of $4,500.

The cost of fumigation will vary depending on the square footage of your home. Fumigation is a common way to kill bed bugs, and costs around four to eight dollars per square foot. However, there are certain risks associated with the fumigation process, including high levels of VOCs and chemical poisoning. This method is more expensive in northern climates than in southern ones, and it’s important to ask the company if this type of treatment is appropriate for your home.

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