How Hot Does Bed Bug Treatment Get?

To get a thorough bed bug treatment, it is important to understand how hot the treatment room gets. Temperatures over 55 degrees Celsius can soften or denature proteins and expand gases. These conditions are particularly harmful to fine electronics and batteries. In addition, perfumes and cosmetics should be kept in cool areas.

Bedbugs can travel to many different locations, including your home. They can also remain undetected, hiding in cracks and nooks. These pests are especially common in hotel rooms. They can be brought in by transient people through luggage. Single-family homes, condos, and other public places can also have infestations.

Once you’ve determined if bedbugs are present in your home, you can book a bedbug treatment. The technician will inspect the area in question and will apply insecticide dusts to infested areas. These areas include baseboards, exposed cracks in walls, and picture frames. This method is not fast-acting and requires multiple visits, but has a long-lasting residual effect.

A professional heat treatment will involve large electric heaters brought into your home. Once the temperature reaches a temperature of around 135 to 145 degrees, the treatment will be applied locally. This method is considered to be the safest way to kill bed bugs. While it comes with its own pros and cons, heat treatment is an effective and safe option.

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