Do Mattress Protectors Help With Bed Bugs?

One of the questions you may have is, do mattress protectors help with bed bugs? In fact, mattress encasements can help prevent bed bugs from feeding. Since these insects are nocturnal and feed only once a week, mattress encasements can keep them in a dormant state for a long time without feeding. This is important for their survival because they need human blood to survive. When the weather is cold and there is no food source, they will go into a dormant state and not feed for several months.

While mattress encasements can help keep bed bugs away, they are not a perfect solution. The encasement needs to be properly placed in the mattress. If it isn’t, there will be holes that the bugs can enter. Also, encasements won’t prevent an entire infestation, but they will help prevent an infestation from spreading to other parts of the house.

Encasements can be made from fabric, vinyl, or plastic. They are also durable and washable. Fabric covers are more comfortable than vinyl encasements and can protect against allergens and temperature fluctuations. They are also easier to remove. However, fabric encasements do not help prevent bed bugs from feeding on the mattress.

Some manufacturers offer waterproof zippered protectors. These encasements can protect mattresses from bedbugs, pet dander, and dust mites. Moreover, these encasements are machine-washable and will not cause irritation to your sensitive skin.

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