Can You See Bed Bugs With The Naked Eye

Can You See Bed Bugs With The Naked Eye?

Whenever people lie on their beds and start to feel itchy on their skin, they try to think what can be the cause. Most likely people think that the cause might be bed bugs. Bed bugs infest our house due to improper cleanliness in our bedroom. Some people have allergic symptoms when they are bitten by this pest and they’re left with red bruises. But how do we tell if we have some bed bugs infestations in our premises? Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?

Diverging from the popular belief about this pest the truth is one can see them with naked eyes. We don’t see them because they are mostly active during the night. They suck human blood when asleep and run to their hiding places when they are disturbed or sense some movements. In the daytime, bed bugs can see in folds of the mattress and bed crevices. Their eggs are hard to see as they appear like grains of white flour. Bed bugs are brown and are a quarter-inch (5 millimeters) in length. People can confuse bed bugs with others pests that have the same look eg dust mites.

It is difficult to see bedbugs with a naked eye as they do avoid lit areas. They can be seen better if one can use the microscope. Their flat bodies also make them hard to see as they lie under the folds and crevices. The nymphs are young and small with a lighter color and very invisible. In case you have a clue about the places where their hide, you have a great opportunity of seeing them. During the night or pre-dawn hour, you can see them by lighting a torch on the places where you suspect they can be present.

Despite being tiny pests, one can see them if you are very keen. It is easy to get rid of them in case you know where they hid. While this cannot guarantee you a permanent solution, it is essential to be well prepared for the next infestations of these dangerous pests. While the extermination services are quite expensive, you can use chemicals like boric acid to terminate the pest. The chemical is recommendable and it assures the best results.

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