Can You Get Bed Bugs From Walking in Someone’s House?

Bedbugs can be spread from one house to another through clothing, bags, and books. They can also infest your home when you visit a bedbug-infested house. Regardless of how they got in your house, you can avoid getting them by following some simple precautions.

One of the most important precautions is ensuring that your sleeping area is clean and free of bedbugs. Try to avoid using secondhand furniture, and inspect them first to make sure they are bedbug-free. You should also use protective covers on mattresses. When you travel, check the sleeping area and other areas in the hotel before you get in. If possible, use a bag stand in a hotel to keep your bags from spreading bedbugs. If you plan to do laundry in a hotel, be sure to remove any clothing from the dryer and inspect it. Lastly, try to seal any cracks or spaces in the house, including the wall and carpets.

To minimize your risk of bringing bed bugs home, you should keep your clothes as dry as possible. A garage is the ideal place to store them, but if you can’t find one, use a bathtub. Bedbugs are attracted to light surfaces, and they don’t like slippery surfaces, so you should avoid wearing clothes that have just come from a bedbug-infested house.

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